Getting married, for many its the ultimate proof of love for each other. A big step, a great step, a wonderful step in life. A once in a lifetime experience that you want to cherisch for ever, and that's where I step in. Capturing those great moments, those little details that make your wedding so unique, that's my goal!

I use both digital & analog camera's to preserve those precious memories for you and generations to come. Unfortunately we all forget things, and the longer ago something happened, the more we forget, but by having these great photographs you will never forget, not even the smallest details.

How do I work?

I'll be there when you prepare for your big day and follow you both throughout the day, capturing the emotions of both you and the people surrounding you that day, in a very spontaneous, fun atmosphere.
To make your wedding day less stressy & to allow you more time to actually enjoy your day & the company of the people around you, I shoot your wedding shoot (the photo shoot of you and your partner on location) on a different day. This grants you a lot more freedom on the day itself & allows you more freedom during the wedding shoot because you don't have to worry to keep your dress as clean as possible before going to city hall or church. You can actually go crazy, roll in the grass, the sand, play around in the sea and get all round cooler images that will make al your friends green with jealousy!

Prices to have me preserve your precious wedding memories start at 1600euro

My portfolio contains a limited amount of images, to see a lot more and keep track of my latest work and adventures please check my Blog.

check out a selection of wedding photos


L-Style : L for love, L for Life, an L-Style session (or Lifestyle session to use a more common name) is a shoot where I capture you love for life & each other.

This can be a shoot with your partner, your kids, your family or even your pet.  My goal is to create very spontaneous photographs, memories that will last a lifetime & the lifetimes of generations to follow. Keep these great memories in an album, on a big canvas to decorate your living room or a big print to hang in your bedroom to make sure you can start every day with a big smile on your face.

How do I work?
Together we talk about what kind of location you have in mind & what's possible there.  We decide upon a location and a date to shoot your personal L-Style session.  If you really want to go all out I can provide a stylist & make-up artist to deliver you a truly unique set of photographs.

The result can be a DVD with your finished images, a big canvas to liven up your living room or hall way, a nice album, a set of prints, ...  I work à la carte so all this will be customized to your wishes & desires.

You can already be part of a super fun L-Style experience for 175euro.

My portfolio contains a limited amount of images, to see a lot more and keep track of my latest work and adventures please check my Blog.

check a selection of L-style photos